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Applying for scholarships is overwhelming but without scholarships, your ability to go to international university is at risk.

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We put students on the fast-track to success

We are a source of relief from the dreaded application process. We put students on the fast-track to success by providing direct access to the scholarships they need the most. Take the hassle out of financial aid and maximize your chance at a free ride in college. 

No matter how much funding you need for school, we have the opportunities you’re looking for.

offer Scholarship grants
Match you with multiple scholarships
Free access to expert help and advice

We deliver to you exclusive features to enable you achieve your dream.


We provide scholarship recommendations tailored just for you, based on your  Examco Certificate and successful interviews


We offer scholarship grants to any university of your choice listed on our website.


Our credibility awards are available for students based on Examco Certificate scores and are categorized as Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards.


Increase your odds of earning scholarships with these few steps

So many people earn scholarship on lifeyieldersfoundation. You too can!

Step 1

Create an account

Create an account by registering with your username, email, and password for us to know you better

Once registered, login to your dashboard and upload all required documents and get approval from lifeyieldersfoundation's body

Step 2

Upload required documents

Step 3

Select university

Get your Examco Certificate and be Awarded by the body. Proceed to selecting your school of choice listed on the website.

Get an invitation for a virtual interview from lifeyieldersfoundation's body. Your interview will depend on your Examco Certificate Score.

Step 4

Get Interviewed

Step 5

Earn Scholarship

After a successful interview, Receive your scholarship grants directly into your account. Proceed to the university and keep up with your grade so that the scholarship grant can be rolled over next session

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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote international education worldwide through the development and publication of the most comprehensive database of scholarships for international students and International Education Financial Aid information available on the Internet.


Our Value

A burning desire to always see things through to completion in a timely, efficient and effective manner. We believe In hard work and seeing through ideas from conception all through to achieving excellent result


Meet The Team​

Here a team of diverse passionate people that empowers you achieve your scholarship dreams. Relax while we do the job for you in creating a brighter future for your academic path.

Arthur Jaxon

Design Lead

Trish Lincoln

Chief Secretary


Our Happy Clients!

I’m a college graduate. I wanted to continue my education and get a Master’s Degree in Medical Science.
Through Lifeyieldersfoundation scholarship I was able to apply for a student scholarships and receive
the financial assistance I needed to make my dream come true and continue school. Thank you Lifeyieldersfoundation Scholarship


Yoshimasa Zuina

MSC Student

Lifeyieldersfoundation Scholarship has supported my education throughout my undergraduate career and they continue to support me as a veterinary student. Lifeyieldersfoundation Scholarship is one organization that I truly know cares about me and my success. I have never experienced something like that from any other
organization I’ve been involved with. I will always appreciate this organization for helping me during difficult times in my life.


Abdulrahman Abbas

BSC, Student

Lifeyieldersfoundation Scholarship has created an immense amount of support for me through my college journey. As a low-income college student, I have faced many obstacles in this process. I would not be here without them! With their generosity, I am able to afford all of my school materials, textbooks, and supplies. I will forever be grateful for their support. Greatful for lifeyieldersfoundation scholarship


Gamila Hadeel

BSC Student

I am extremely grateful to Lifeyieldersfoundation. They help with my undergrad education. I graduated almost 3 years ago and I still remember my
interview with them my senior year of high school.  Fantastic organization with a fantastic mission. They provide financial resources.
I have personally benefitted from their scholarships and am very grateful for the support. It really made a difference. Thank you Lifeyieldersfoundation!


Taiwo Adeleye

MSC, Student