Frequently Asked Questions

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Lifeyieldersfoundation is a program that allows students whose talent and promise exceed their financial resources to complete their education.
The program focuses on providing scholarship grant to students and scholars who are interested in studying in any university of theirs choice world wide.

Over 320 thousand applications submitted yearly by students and 500 AWARDS issued out to successful applicants  who applied for scholarships – in fact, we are the industry leader growing the system of academics world wide.

The only way to get a scholarship is to apply! Get a high grade in your Examco Certificate, Pass your interview which will increase your chances of getting a scholarship grant.  You’ll be matched to hundreds of scholarships in the Lifeyieldersfoundation’s platform. 

In order to be eligible for the  Bachelors (BSC) or Masters (MSC) Lifeyieldersfoundation Scholarship program, you must:

  1. Have your Examco Certificate  ready for upload.
  2. Be 16 years of age or older
  3. Have your transcript ready and upload your transcript. Request for your transcript in your school if not available
  4. Upload your school certificate
  5. Have your Identity card ready e.g International passport, Drivers license, Residency card etc
  6. Have your resume/CV ready for upload.

Awards will be issued out immediately after your Examco Certificate Exam which will be used to match you with multiple scholarships.

We provide full financial, social and academic support to student by paying for their tuition fee, accommodation, books and other materials. We makes scholarship easier and debt free.

To apply for Lifeyieldersfoundation’s Scholarship you need:

  1. Examco Certificate
  2. School certificate i.e BSC/MSC/HND/OND/GCE.
  3. School transcript
  4. Identity card i.e International passport, drivers license, residency card.
  5. Passport photograph not less than 5kb – 500 X 500 jpg, png.
  6. Resume / CV

ANY individual looking for scholarship opportunities towards their college or professional education world wide.

The time to start is – NOW! 

Many scholarship applications will require you to already be accepted to a college or university, but Lifeyieldersfoundation scholarship applications do not even require that much.

No worries. Send an email to support@lifeyieldersfoundation.org and we will reset your login info.

You can view our privacy policy here.

Lifeyieldersfoundation’s Scholarship is for everyone no matter the race, background or nationality. 

You can close your account by contacting help@lifeyieldersfoundation.org with the subject “Close my account”.

Each scholarship has its own eligibility requirements and Lifeyieldersfoundation will help match students to scholarships that they are eligible for. Criteria such as

  1. Age – no age limit.
  2. GPA  – at least 2.2 CGP and above.
  3. Grade 12 – including a credit in Mathematics and English.
  4. GCE – including a credit in Mathematics and English 

Lifeyieldersfoundation don’t ask for your GPA on your application. That is because the award is more focused on your Examco Certificate Score and overall success of your INTERVIEW by the body, not just how your grades look on paper. If you don’t do well in Examco Certificate Examination or Interviews, there’s still hope of getting financial aid for a University. All you need to do is apply for the awards you qualify for and leave the rest for us.

If you drop out of college, you will not receive any money that has been awarded to you for that semester. If you re-apply and get accepted, you may be able to get the approved funds for the next semester, depending on the rules of the scholarship. N